The Children's History Society is a not-for-profit organisation offering a forum for historians, educators and members of the public fascinated by the rich and diverse global histories of children and young people. We welcome academics, undergraduate, postgraduate and school students, policy makers, teachers, and those with relevant research and personal interests.

The Children’s History Society was founded in 2015 by Dr Simon Sleight (King’s College London) and Dr Mary Clare Martin (University of Greenwich). Since then, the Society has organised a number of major international conferences: 'Horrible Histories? Children’s Lives in Historical Context' at King’s College London (2016), 'Children and Youth on the Move' at the University of Greenwich (2018) and 'Children and Youth Speaking Up and Speaking Out' at Manchester Metropolitan University (2020; delayed until 2021). The Society regularly organises events for early career and postgraduate students and supports workshops and seminars for scholars at various stages of their careers.

We are active on social media. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, where we share links, events, and resources. If you have something you wish to share, email [email protected].

Committee members

Honorary President: Prof. Melanie Tebbutt (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Co-founding Presidents: Dr Mary Clare Martin (University of Greenwich) & Dr Simon Sleight (King's College London)

Treasurer: Dr Mary Clare Martin (University of Greenwich)

Secretary: Catherine Freeman (University of Greenwich)

Digital Media Officer: Emily Gallagher (Australian National University)

Social Media Officer: Sait Kirtepe (University College London)

Postgraduate and Early Career Reps: Dr Elisabeth Yang (Rutgers University), Deniz Altındağ and Dr Libby Nelson (University of Glasgow)

Membership Officer: Emily Barker (University of Greenwich)

Children's Officer: Dr Yinka Olusoga (University of Sheffield)

Assistant Children's Officer: Dr Dion Georgiou (University of Chichester)

Wider organisational membership

Honorary Vice-Presidents: Prof. Hakim Adi (University of Chichester); Prof. Jane Humphries (University of Oxford); Prof. Gary McCulloch (UCL/IoE); Canon Prof. Nicholas Orme (University of Exeter); Prof. Pat Thane (King’s College London)

Honorary Vice-President (Overseas): Prof. David Pomfret (University of Hong Kong)

Secondary Education Representative: Laura Quick (Totteridge Academy)

Museums Representative: Alice Sage (Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh) 

Overseas Committee Members: Dr Kristine Alexander (University of Lethbridge); Dr Petronella Bakker (University of Groningen) ; Dr Suzanne Conway (Chestnut Hill College); Dr Sarah Duff (Colby College); Prof. Margot Hillel (Australian Catholic University); Prof Linda Mahood (University of Guelph); Dr Hugh Morrison (University of Otago) ; Dr Nell Musgrove (Australian Catholic University); Dr Stephanie Olsen (Tampere University); Dr Shirleene Robinson (Macquarie University) 

Overseas Student Representative: Natasha Joyce (Federation University)

International Networking Officer: Prof. Melanie Tebbutt (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Publishers’ Representatives: Prof. Laurence Brockliss (University of Oxford; re. Palgrave), and Dr Simon Sleight (King's College London; re. Routledge)

Centre for the History of Childhood Representative: Dr Sian Pooley (Oxford)

Postgraduate representative for the History of Education Society: Catherine Freeman (University of Greenwich)

Representatives of Sister Organisations: Dr Beth Wilburn (Open University, for SHCY); Prof. Stephen Parker (University of Worcester, for History of Education Society)

Life members

Dr Catherine Sloan

Our partners

The Children's History Society is a non-for-profit society promoting the history of children and youth in the United Kingdom and the world.
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